Company Kingspan has 40 years since the Foundation currently is a world leader in the design and manufacture of structural panels, with exceptional insulating and refractory properties.

These characteristics make the cladding Kingspan popular in the construction of buildings of different purposes. The company closely monitors trends in the construction market and is constantly expanding its proposals to meet customer expectations.

The company's main activity is the production FIREsafe fireproof sandwich panels with improved isopenicillin IPN insulation that do not spread the fire, are self-extinguishing and emit minimal smoke in a real fire situation.

High fire resistance class confirmed fire insurance company certificates Factory Mutual Global, whose system is generally accepted among investors and insurers of the property. Following modern requirements to quality designs, the company conducts regular tests of their products, including in Russia, and has the necessary certificates.

Sandwich panels with insulation IPN provide a highly effective environment in rooms with controlled temperature, used for the production and storage of products of food industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry and other industries that require precise temperature and hygienic safety. Kingspan offers a wide selection of doors for cold rooms and refrigerated boxes.

Kingspan manufactures a large range of standard and non-standard components, a list which includes specialized acoustic panels, corner panels with different values of angles and curved corner panel, insulated gutters, skylights, wall and roof translucent polycarbonate elements, designed for easy and perfect integration with sandwich panels of Kingspan.

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