Dear partners! We present our Company PirroGroup.

Field of activity - manufacture of insulating products based on the latest developments. PirroGroup is a domestic manufacturer of thermal insulation of the latest generation.

Priorities - identify customers ' needs and creating products that meet the latest standards of quality, taste and needs of the target audience.

Our strengths include high professionalism of our employees, long-term business contacts, products are of the highest brand.

The company PirroGroup became one of the pioneers in Russia for the production of flame retardant polyurethane foams of the new generation (PIR) with soft linings and aims for the development direction, focused on the energy efficiency of buildings and constructions of civil and industrial purpose.

In December 2014, the Company's plant PirroGroup produces insulation boards under the trade mark PIRRO. Today PirroGroup is rapidly growing and gaining momentum in the enterprise. Our partners are the best European manufacturers of innovative equipment, as well as suppliers of high quality raw materials.

The company installed high-speed line from the world's leading manufacturer Impianti OMS S. p.A. (Italy). This line is capable of producing up to 10 million square meters PIR-plates annually.

The production of the company is located in Saratov. The location of production is designed to provide the convenience of working with all regions of the country.

In the main range of manufactured products – plates with different types of soft liners (foil, glass, paper and others). Special attention is paid to the needs of the participants igrostroitelem complex, high-tech manufacturers of roofs, thin-layer plaster facades. A separate area is the production of thermally insulated ducting on the basis of PIR-plates.

In Russia relatively recently begun to pay due attention to such an important indicator as to save energy. Our company, producing heat-insulating materials of the highest quality and helping to improve the insulation properties of different constructions and structures, undoubtedly, contributes its mite to the solution of this urgent problem.

The advantage of applying in construction designs energy efficient insulation – PIR-plates mark PIRRO compared to other insulation materials achieved by a combination of several positive properties in one product, namely:

  • Closed cell structure PIRRO plates provides high performance in moisture resistance and vapor resistance that ensures stability of thermophysical characteristics of PIR-plates during the entire lifespan, unlike absorbent mineral wool insulation. This allows us to recommend the apply plate PIRRO in humid and wet the modes of operation of buildings and structures.
  • Low weight and low thermal conductivity allow less powerful bearing designs that offers significant savings in terms of present value profile steel.
  • PIRRO plate of large size (1200mm X 2500mm) provide high speed of installation, which saves due to earlier start-up of the object.
  • Caching plates PIRRO specialized soft wood provides the ability to weld bituminous materials directly on the prepared industrially surface of the plates.

The broad application of PIR-plates with soft linings in Europe and the USA was the most energy-efficient decision when choosing insulation for roofs, floors, foundations and walls.

We thank those who arealready with us, we invite to cooperation of new partners

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