TECHNONICOL Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of roofing, waterproofing and insulation materials. Working on the market since 1992, the company has accumulated significant experience in the production of materials hydro, sound and heat insulation, and today offers the market the latest products and technologies, combining the international experience and developing their own Research center. Cooperation with design institutes and architectural studios allows Corporations to flexibly and quickly respond to the changing demands of consumers.

The purpose of the Corporation as fully as possible to meet the needs of the customer, this contributes to the modern production of insulating materials and a wide range of products, allowing you to make the right choice.

Today TECHNONICOL Corporation is 40 production sites in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Italy, its own sales network of 180 branches and representative offices in 36 countries. Corporate clients are more than 500 independent dealers and more than 50,000 organizations and individuals in Russia, CIS, Baltic States, Eastern and Central Europe.

The key to the successful development of production tomorrow is a constant work in research and development today. So TECHNONICOL Corporation regularly engaged in the creation of new roofing, hydro - and thermal insulation materials, modernization of existing technologies. Research and implementation of advanced technologies enable the company TECHNONICOL each year to bring to market several new products. Investments by the Corporation in research and development is the support of Russia's industry of construction materials and the preservation of competitiveness of domestic products on the world market. One innovative for the Russian market directions is the production of insulation boards on the basis of expended polyisocianurate.

The company TECHNONICOL – one of the first Russian manufacturers, who began to pay considerable attention to training the builders of innovative technologies and application of new materials. In its own Training Centers Corporation introduces the system of training and advanced training of specialists working with modern insulating materials, systems and technologies. Equipped with modern mounting hardware, stands, models, upscale audiences and areas of practical training Training Centers steel Corporation additional support in areas of higher and special education for employees, customers and partners.

TechnoNICOL — the best hydro-, heat-, sound insulation and roofing materials, and technology for today's construction companies.

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